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OtakuJam Geek Creed Gift Card Give Aw...

free $20 amazon gift card
We are giving away a free gift card! Entry period from 6/17/14 – 8/31/14. Terms and Conditions apply. Winner will be notified by email. OtakuJam Geek Creed Gift Card Contest – Win $20 Amazon Giftcard TERMS AND CONDITIONS MUST BE COMPLETED ON OR BEFORE 11:59PM est ON 8/31/14 OR YOUR ENTRY WILL BE INELIGIBLE. For active and registe [...]

Black Gold Online News – The Co...

black gold online open beta
OTAKUADMIN SAYS: I have not heard of this game – It’s in open beta right now. I think I will go check it out. The screenshot sure is pretty. Dunno what the characters look like, but the environments are gorgeous. This is a curated news article. The Black Gold Online team has revealed a sneak peek at what players of the steampun [...]

What Would Bring Crazy Taxi to PS4 an...

crazy taxi
OtakuAdmin Says: I know many people who absolutely love this game and would probably buy a PS4 or XboxOne just to be able to play it again. It’s still a big hit at the arcades around here too. The changes that are planned also sound neat. Let’s hope this project comes together in the near future. Curated News Content Below: Shar [...]

Apple Updates Retina MacBook Pro Line...

OtakuAdmin Says: Nice Update for those considering a macbook purchase for the holidays. Curated News Article Below: Apple has quietly updated its entire Retina MacBook Pro line of laptops with faster processors and more memory, while leaving the prices mostly the same as before. The most powerful 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display cost [...]

Pokémon Wearing Glasses Is a Meme

pokemon wearing glasses
OtakuAdmin Says: Cute New Trend Alert! This is a curated news article. 3,113 2 Pokémon Wearing Glasses Is a Meme Who knew Pocket Monsters looked so good in glasses? I sure didn’t. But now I do. In the past few days, fans have been uploading photos of their Pokémon plush toys wearing glasses. Their look is somewhat unexp [...]

LinkedIn Redesigns Mobile Profiles to...

linkedin app
This is a curated news article. LinkedIn ‘s flagship app has gotten a major overhaul. The company rolled out an update to its app Tuesday morning, unveiling completely redesigned user profiles that focus on adding contextual information. The extra info aims to make it easier to initiate conversations with other users — even if t [...]

Facebook for Android, iPhone to lose ...

facebook messenger
OtakuAdmin Says: I just migrated away from android phone (galaxy note 2) to a Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia 1020) about 2 weeks ago, so I am safe for now. I also disagree with this author who speculates that users will move away from facebook all together, really it’s a minor change and people are going to continue to use the social netwo [...]

Turning Garbage Into Art Is This Phot...

Contemporary Photography
This is a curated news article. Time does funny things to a lot of photographs. Rather than give them a sense of nostalgia, time too often makes them look silly. Open a magazine from, say, 1975 and look at the advertisements. Odds are the photographs are horribly outdated and what was once desirable and cool is now passé, even laugha [...]

Swarm app for Windows Phone teased by...

swarm foursquare windows app
This is a curated news article. Swarm for Windows Phone screenshots preview When Foursquare first announced its plans to split its check-in app into two separate apps , Swarm and Foursquare, it said that the check-in-focused Swarm would hit Android and iOS in the following weeks and that a Windows Phone version would arrive “soon afte [...]

MyBoy School ~ Otome Game ~ My Boy Sc...

My Boy Love Anime Otome Dating Sim Game for Android Phones
This is a curated news article. MyBoy School ~ Otome Game ~ TitleMyBoy School ~ Otome Game ~ Description The MyBoy series is a flirting game for girls. A whole world with three individual stories awaits you. In every story one of our three main characters is featured. You are new at the school and you meet many classmates and side characters [...]

Deals: BOGO 3DS Games, Superhero Blu-...

3ds deals
This is a curated news article. Deals: BOGO 3DS Games, Superhero Blu-rays Assemble, Xbox One Deals: BOGO 3DS Games, Superhero Blu-rays Assemble, Xbox One Deals: BOGO 3DS Games, Superhero Blu-rays Assemble, Xbox One Deals: BOGO 3DS Games, Superhero Blu-rays Assemble, Xbox One Deals: BOGO 3DS Games, Superhero Blu-rays Assemble, Xbox One The Be [...]

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