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OtakuJam Geek Creed Gift Card Give Aw...

free $20 amazon gift card
We are giving away a free gift card! Entry period from 6/17/14 – 8/31/14. Terms and Conditions apply. Winner will be notified by email. OtakuJam Geek Creed Gift Card Contest – Win $20 Amazon Giftcard TERMS AND CONDITIONS MUST BE COMPLETED ON OR BEFORE 11:59PM est ON 8/31/14 OR YOUR ENTRY WILL BE INELIGIBLE. For active and regist [...]

Top 4 Mythical Beasts in American Fol...

This is a curated news article. The tripodero, a ferocious beast of American lumberjack lore, was said to have a four-power scope on its pellet-shooting mouth. The artist here left that out, though, because it would have really just been over the top. Coert DuBois/ America has the most ridiculous mythical creatures the world ha [...]

Photography: All About White Balance ...

brain vs camera
This is a curated news article. If you are new to photography, there is a good chance the word "Kelvin" means nothing to you. Even many advanced Photographers only know the Kelvin System as a set of arbitrary numbers used to control white balance. In this article, you’ll find out all about the Kelvin system, where it comes [...]

How To Sell Dropship Goods

dropshipping goods
This is a curated news article. While a lot of people are excited about the prospect of making a decent living through selling items online, others may feel a little intimidated by the costs related to starting up and buying inventory – not to mention the potential hassle of dealing with orders and shipping out products. These a [...]

jQuery RPG

jQuery RPG
This is a curated news article. jQuery RPG let’s you create a custom RPG combat system for your website easily with no or little programming skills required. Please notice that jQuery RPG is not a website you can upload and use right away, it is a simple framework/engine you have to implement into your existing website. Graphics seen [...]

VIDEO: “DmC Devil May Cry”...

VIDEO: “DmC Devil May Cry” Developer Reveals New Game “Hellblade”
This is a curated news article. Team’s latest project will hit PlayStation 4 before other consoles One of the reveals during this week’s Gamescom event in Cologne, Germany was the latest from Ninja Theory, the developer behind Heavenly Sword , Enslaved , and DmC Devil May Cry . Their next game is Hellblade , and according to So [...]

Heroes of Newerth Custom Map Contest ...

newerth map contest
This is a curated news article. Custom-built multiplayer maps are one of the oldest, most venerated forms of game modding, but most never see a wide release, available only to those who specifically seek them out. Now, aspiring map-makers have the chance to get one of their creations in front of a wide audience, thanks to Heroes of Newerth& [...]

The Lego Version of Springfield Is th...

simpsons lego tribute
This is a curated news article. When Lego announced earlier this year that it would be releasing a series of Simpsons minifigures , most fans of the show (or of Legos) figured they’d just be putting Homer or Apu or Nelson Muntz in a generic brick-based environment, or recreating a scene from the Lego episode of the show , or maybe ju [...]

Rahdo’s Top 10 Worker Placement...

OtakuAdmin Says: Interesting discussion on Reddit for users looking to spice up their boardgame nights. Check out these top ten worker placement games “with a twist”. This list is probably what you are looking for: Rahdo’s top 10 worker placement games. These are basically non-standard worker placement games. For example: [...]

Microsoft XBOX ONE Launches In Korea ...

Microsoft XBOX ONE Launches In Korea on September 23 2014
OtakuAdmin Says: Kotaku has announced the release date for Xbox One in Korea is September 23rd, almost a year after it’s release in the US. Original curated content below: Microsoft Korea has *finally* announced a release date for the Xbox One in the region: September 23. [Thanks, Sang!] Source: Please Note: This is a cur [...]

Chinese Government Pledges To Support...

This is a curated news post. Chinese Government Pledges To Support Game Developers In an almost "weird that it didn’t happen sooner" kind of way, Chinese state media reports that two Chinese ministries will join together to help develop and support burgeoning animators and game developers. Economic Daily, a state-funded pap [...]


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